Crown Point

Locally referred to as “The Ends”, the Crown Point strip is a bustling street with non-stop liming, music and entertainment. Lined along Milford Road, one can enjoy an array of local cuisines as well as food with international influences such as Gyros - a Greek rolled sandwich jerk - curries, pizzas, desserts and much more.

Be sure to check out

  • Bago’s Beach Bar is well poised to capture the magnificent view of the locally known Swallows Beach at the entrance to Pigeon Point Heritage Park. The outdoor setting is ideal for that perfect spot to lime with friends or catch the sunset.
    Insider Tip: Sunset, BBQ & Bon Fire are the perfect combination  
  • Jade Monkey Bar is considered one of the most popular liming or hanging out spot on the island. Live bands and disk jockeys can be expected every day of the week as well as great cocktails and drinks. 
  • Pepe’s Pizza features pizzas with a local twist, salads, pasta dishes and appetizers that caters for both meat and veggie lovers 
    Insider Tip: Pepper sauce on pizza may sound a bit odd, definitely try it to add a bit of heat.  
  • Skewers Tobago offers grilled Mediterranean style meals with curb side open air dining.
  • Zib’s Homemade Ice-cream - This authentic blend of exotic Tobago flavours is a combination of fresh fruits, delectable creams and spices that is slowly blended to perfection. With an array of over forty (40) exotic flavours and distinctive signature flavours like Bayleaf and Carib; Zib’s Homemade Ice Cream caters to every palette
  • Renmar’s Restaurant and Bar
  • Traditions Bar and Grill