Calendar of Events

February 4th 2024

National Panorama Medium Finals

More on National Panorama Medium Finals

February 6th 2024

THA Pan Champs

March 23rd 2024

Above Average Fitness Triathlon and 5K

March 24th 2024

GYF Regatta - A Day of Trials

March 29th 2024

Scarborough Fisherman's Festival

April 1st 2024

Easter Monday Mt. Pleasant Family Day/Goat Races

April 2nd 2024

Buccoo Goat & Crab Races

April 6th 2024

Epicure - Comfot Inn and Suites

April 21st 2024

Magdalena Golf Medley

April 25th 2024

Jazz D 2 Of Us

May 5th 2024

Belle Garden - St Edward Anglican Church Harvest Festival

May 12th 2024

L'Anse Fourmi Harvest Festival

May 12th 2024

Whim - St Michael Church Harvest Festival

May 19th 2024

Spring Garden Moravian Love Feast

May 26th 2024

Delaford - St Paul Anglican Church Harvest Festival

July 2024

Tobago Heritage Festival

July 24th - 28th 2024

Great Fete Weekend

August 17th 2024

Great Race 2024

October 1st-6th 2024

Tobago International Cycling Classic

More on the Tobago International Cycling Classic

October 20th 2024

Tobago Blue Food Festival

More on the Tobago Blue Food Festival

October 25th - 27th 2024

Tobago Carnival


Check back frequently for fresh updates and new additions to our 2024 Calendar of Events.

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