Harry Mount and Zolani Frank

TTAL hosts top UK media in Tobago as press trips resume

Posted Apr 27, 2023

The Tobago Tourism Agency Limited (TTAL) Tobago continues to reignite global interest in Tobago as a premier holiday destination, partnering with the high-profile UK publications Daily Mail and Evening Standard for a post-COVID resumption of press trips.

In 2020, press trips to Tobago ground to a halt due to travel restrictions. Now that travel and tourism have fully resumed, TTAL recommenced press trip activity in order to attain top-tier press coverage for Tobago that lends itself to current travel trends.

Alicia Edwards, Executive Chairman of TTAL said:

“Press trips provide an excellent opportunity for media to experience first-hand the key selling points of Tobago. By working with influential media giants and talented journalists overseas, we can show travelers that Tobago is a safe and welcoming tropical haven through authentic, inspirational storytelling. These stories are key to our overall strategic narrative to help rebuild confidence, promote awareness, and encourage people to start traveling to Tobago again.”

Harry Mount
Harry Mount with TTAL Marketing Officer Marsha Patrick (left) and Woodsworth Frank, owner of Birdwatchers Restaurant and Bar.

TTAL’s first post-COVID press trip was with travel journalist Harry Mount from January 07 to 13, 2023, where the Agency showcased Tobago’s natural assets, birdwatching experiences, and wider wildlife. Mr. Mount was also introduced to Tobagonian nature guides and birding experts to get local insight, and to aid him in developing an authentic, in-depth feature for Daily Mail’s print and online platforms.

The following month, TTAL hosted acclaimed travel writer Radhika Aligh, head of video of the Evening Standard, who visited Tobago from February 15 to 19. This partnership will see the production of two online features on Tobago, including a destination guide that will display the variety of natural, cultural, and culinary offerings on the island, whilst spotlighting events upcoming in 2023.

Her first feature titled From backyards to dirt ovens, meet the food community keeping Tobago’s culinary traditions alive has since been published on Evening Standard.co.uk and syndicated on Yahoo News. Ms. Aligh quotes local Tobagonians in the feature, discussing culture, heritage, history and culinary practises with them, and referencing the island’s sustainable initiatives and accolades.

Radikha Aligh of Evening Standard on a press trip in Tobago
Radikha Aligh of Evening Standard grates homemade cacao to make traditional Tobago cocoa tea during her press trip.

Both features by the Daily Mail and the Evening Standard will ultimately raise interest and awareness of Tobago in the UK travel market, and are expected to result in increased bookings for 2023/2024.

Ms. Aligh shared her optimism that their publication’s readers and British travellers would fall in love with Tobago just as she has, as the island goes beyond the typical Caribbean destination, saying:

“Tobago ticks all of the boxes - the sun, sea and sand - but offers much more in the sense of a well-rounded holiday with activities that showcase the island and its culture. We think that our readers, and travellers in general, are looking for escapes that offer both. They, like me, want to leave with memories of real Tobago, not just sunsets.”