Pigeon Point Beach

Remarkably blue waters and pristine white sand come together to paint a breathtaking picture of paradise at Pigeon Point Heritage Park.

Ranked among the top 100 beaches in the world by CNN, Pigeon Point is home to Tobago most iconic calling card - the famous thatch-roof jetty, along with a sleuth of amenities and activities, making it the perfect all-day beach destination.

An entry fee of TT $20 (US $3) is required, granting visitors access to this prime piece of beach real estate with the option to sample different restaurants, bars and shops; as well as indulge in a variety of watersports, from swimming and snorkeling to jet skiing and kite surfing.

The beach also serves as a venue for some of Tobago’s largest events, including the Tobago Jazz Festival, Great Fete and the Tobago Dragon Boat Festival