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Tobago tourism businesses become “Safe travels” endorsed

Posted Aug 13, 2020

The Tobago Tourism Agency Limited (TTAL) is working in close collaboration with tourism stakeholders to make Tobago a “Safe Travels” destination, with the guidance of their recently published “Tourism Industry Health and Safety Manual for Post COVID-19”.

Many of Tobago’s tourism businesses have already embraced the guidelines outlined in the manual, and have earned the World Travel and Tourism Council’s (WTTC) “Safe Travels” stamp of approval through the TTAL – Tobago’s official “Safe Travels” ambassador.

Ted Greig, Executive Director of Ted's Sunshine Ent & Tours, was one of the stakeholders engaged in the collaborative development of the Health and Safety Manual, and among the first to receive the “Safe Travels” stamp.

“As a responsible stakeholder, I view this initiative as mandatory not only for the safety of our visitors but also for the safety of our staff and family, “Mr. Greig stated. “Additionally, having the approved Safe Travels stamp endorsed by WHO and WTTC certainly sends a strong signal to the world that destination Tobago has demonstrated the level of responsibility that is required to regain trust and confidence from our visitors.”

While the borders of Trinidad and Tobago remain closed to international travel, Tobago is currently buzzing with domestic tourism activity as TTAL’s “We Welcome Your Return” marketing campaign encourages Trinidadians to experience staycations in unspoilt, untouched, undiscovered Tobago.

The “Safe Travels” initiative comes at an ideal time for tourism service providers on the Caribbean island - from tour operators to accommodation providers - who are embracing the recommended guidelines in TTAL’s manual to ensure the health and well-being of residents and visitors as tourism activity increases.

Jason Radix, owner of Eureka Natural History Tours, said: “Throughout my 29 years within the tourism industry I've always agreed with and been supportive initiatives to improve and standardize the quality of services we offer. Acquiring this stamp will also indicate my compliance to improving my service delivery during the time of COVID-19.”

Charisse Libert, Manager of Belle Viste Apartments added: “My organisation is committed to providing a clean, safe and friendly environment for our staff and guests especially during this time of uncertainty. TTAL's Health and Safety Manual and “Safe Travels initiative” are very important in helping us achieve our commitment to our guests.”

Owners and operators of tourism businesses in Tobago are encouraged to download the Tourism Industry Health and Safety Manual for Post COVID-19 and apply for the “Safe Travels” stamp for their own use by visiting TTAL’s website at