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Tobago Tour Operators Tobago Cocoa Estate
Tobago Cocoa Estate

In 2005, the Tobago Cocoa industry was revitalised through the vision of a young Tobagonian and sommelier named Duane Dove.

Nestled in the green hills of Roxborough, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Tobago Cocoa Estate grows a variety known as “fine” or “flavour” cocoa. The holy grail of cocoa used to make much of the world's best chocolate.


Visit Tobago Buccoo Historical Park
Buccoo Historical Park

A historical nature park located within the Golden Grove Estate in Buccoo with remnants of 2 water mills, a copra tray and an old cocoa house.

This picturesque site is ideal to host outdoor and garden weddings, private events with the perfect backdrop for any photoshoot.


Visit Tobago Museum Luis Kimme

The Tobago Museum
Peruse the artefacts at the Tobago Museum and enjoy edifying tours from knowledgeable tour guides. Have an intimate view of maps, documents excerpts, coins, and relics that tells the vibrant history of the island. 



101 reasons Tobago - Seine Pulling Fishing
Len han’ with the locals

From Store Bay to Charlotteville, every day in Tobago there is a unique event taking place. Fishing communities rally together to haul in the catch of the day, known as pulling seine. Every pair of hand is welcome to join in and is part of the Caribbean tradition of ‘len han’ or lend hands.

As a participant one can expect to be thanked by the fishermen and may even be given a share of the catch for efforts!

101 reasons Tobago - Curried Crab & Dumplings
Village Harvest

Tobago Harvest Festival originated as a religious event of thanksgiving for produce in villages across the island. The event begins with a morning church service for the blessing of the food and an afternoon concert in the form of skits, poetry and the village choir known as a cantata.

Over the years, the event has blossomed into sharing of food and drinks to well-wishers, friends and families followed by with a night street party by the popular village DJs or at the community centre.

101 reasons Tobago - Buccoo Sunday School
Sunday School

Don’t walk with your bibles but put on your dancing shoes to groove the night away to sweet steel pan and DJ music in Buccoo.

A fully stocked bar and street or curb side foods are readily available to tickle your taste buds.