Where to eat in Scarborough


The capital of the island, still holds remnants of colonial times, from street names to architecture. The food however, is authentic and rich in taste, as is our culture. From local creole to signature provincial eateries, restaurants, bars and liming spots. Scarborough is home to a wide variety of options to satisfy any palate. 

Be sure to check out:

  • Bar Code is a popular after work liming spot to unwind after a long day, serves all you’ll need from a luscious menu and an expansive bar featuring local and foreign cocktails, beers and liquor. Every Friday, dubbed “Sweet Hand Friday,” rings in lunch with mouth-watering local creole food.
  • The Smoke House - Where there's smoke there's flavour. The Smoke House offers a casual fast-food environment. Come for the food; an exciting creole menu bursting from a blend of flavours from different cultures awaits. 
  • Heritage Cafe - a family-oriented business located in the heart of Tobago offering beverages & desserts to satisfy everyone's desire. Some of the offerings are cocktails, mocktails, beers, milkshakes, chillers, ice-cream, cakes, coffees, snow cones & a daily lunch and dinner menu. BBQ Friday Lunch is our favourite. 
  • Blue Crab Restaurant – food like how granny used to make it. At Blue Crab Restaurant, Aunty Alison gives the biggest and warmest smile and greetings while serving you her tasty creole food at her family operated business.