East Tobago/ Speyside Dive Sites

Dive-Coral Gardens

Kelleston Drain

Depth Range: 54-120ft/16-37m

Diving Experience: Intermediate

Just off the southern end of Little Tobago, these sloping reefs lead the way to magnificent brain coral – boasting the largest of their kind in the Caribbean, and some say the world.

Beyond the brain coral, the reef is covered in sea rods, sea plumes, stony corals and smaller feather backs.

The currents can be strong and riding them will take you past mutton snappers, creole fish, black durgon, Caribbean butterflies and angel fish. 

Dive-Hermit crab

Black Jack Hole

Depth Range:24 - 132ft/7-40m

Diving Experience: Intermediate

This reef is named for the huge blackjack fish population that take residence between May and July.

The reef drops away sharply, revealing stunning sea fans and sponges.

Look under their ledges for hiding spiny lobsters and green moray eels, while large Nassau groupers, barracuda, tarpons, spotted eagle rays, blacktip sharks, snappers and many more swim around you. 

Dive-Coral fronds


Depth Range: 30-120ft/9-37m

Diving Experience: Intermediate

Here two large rocks with a vertical gap between them give this site its unique name as well as provide a fantastic environment for marine life to thrive.

Dive down quickly, below the strong surge and you can expect to see tarpon, crevalle, jacks, snappers, grunts, nurse sharks and blacktip reef sharks sharing a home that’s made of elkhorn corals, giant barrel sponges and sea whips.

Dive-Coral at Japanese Gardens

Japanese Gardens

Depth Range: 20-110ft/6-34m

Diving Experience: Intermediate

At the end of Goat Island, you’ll swim over a reef alive with corals and sponges of all types as well as a plethora of diverse fish before arriving at the beautiful natural landscape that resembles a serene Japanese garden.

You’ll quickly see how this dive site got its name, with bright yellow tube sponges, red sea rods, orange, purple and olive tube sponges as well as barrel sponges in sombre shades of grey, brown and red.

Mixed with the warm hues of rope sponges in purple, lavender and red, and the electric blue Chromis, queen angelfish and parrotfish – this dive site is as unforgettable and otherworldly as any found in the Caribbean. 

Dive-Painted Lobster

Angel Reef

Depth Range: 15-60ft/4-18m

Diving Experience: Beginner

A fantastic canvas for photographers with a naturally blessed variety of corals and fish.

Here, visibility is usually good and with a quiet current, making this reef an excellent choice for night dives. There are a number of cleaning stations along the reef, providing great opportunities to snap pictures of cleaning shrimps picking parasites off of momentarily paused angelfish, groupers, snappers and parrotfish.

Enjoy close-up shots of star, starlet, honeycomb and plate corals dotted with sea plumes as well as black sea and bent sea rods. 

Dive-Secretary blenny

Shark Bank

Depth Range: 30-90ft/9-27m

Diving Experience: Advanced

This advanced dive site can be challenging, yet equally rewarding. Also known as South Rock, the waters here have strong currents and the seas can be unpredictable, though it is a perfect place to spot different kinds of shark as well as hawksbill turtles, tarpons, barracudas, parrotfish, damselfish and blennies.