Caribbean Coast Beaches

Englishmens Bay

Englishman's Bay

Englishman’s Bay is a stunning stretch of coastline where the lush greens of the rainforest seem to almost touch the deep blue-green water of the ocean. Wild vegetation provides ample shade and privacy to beachgoers in search of solitude, while the cool waters offer ideal conditions for swimming and snorkeling. Amenities on-site include a small cafe serving up a simple but tasty menu, as well as an outdoor restroom. Before you make your way down to the beach be sure to stop at the lookout point on the hill where you will take in the most breathtaking view of this stretch of coastline. 


Pirates Bay

Pirate's Bay

No longer a safe harbor for marauding buccaneers, Pirate’s Bay now serves as one of Tobago’s most treasured beaches with calm, clear waters that are ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Once featured extensively in the original 1952 Robinson Crusoe movie, the bay is now a haven for beach-goers who prefer to experience nature in her wild and untouched state. Accessible by boat or via a few dozen steps, the mere act of getting to Pirate’s Bay is an adventure in and of itself.


Mt Irvine Bay

Mount Irvine Bay

A tale of two beaches, Mount Irvine Bay is split by an outcropping of rocks and offers two distinct experiences. One half of the beach is maintained by the Mount Irvine Beach Hotel and boasts calm waters perfect for swimming. Watersports, such as kayaking, are also available. Just a short distance away is the Mount Irvine Beach Facility, where the waves are ideal for surfing from December to March. Both beaches offer restroom facilities, a bar and beach chairs.  


Stonehaven Bay

Stonehaven Bay

A favorite beach destination for many, Grafton Bay, or Stonehaven Bay, is the perfect mix of rustic and chic. The coastline itself remains untouched as almond trees provide ample shade for beachgoers. Waves, the beachfront restaurant operated by Le Grand Courlan Spa Resort and Grafton Beach Resort, gives visitors a trendy dining experience and comfortable amenities. The right side of the beach is the calmest and ideal for swimming. Stonehaven Bay is also one of three beaches on the entire island where the endangered giant leatherback turtles come to nest between March and June.  


Castara Big Bay

Castara Big Bay

A sprawling 275m beach with stunning emerald green water, Castara Big Bay is ideal for swimming, strolling, snorkeling and fishing. The beach is serviced by a restaurant, bar and mini-mart, as well as the fisherman’s depot where you can often purchase homestyle fish broth straight from the fishermen themselves. The bay is also a popular spot for village activities. From the fishermen pulling in their seine to the weekly bonfire held every Thursday night, this beach is a hub for cultural entertainment.