Buccoo Nature and Historical Park

Tobago's most popular photography spots according to Instagram

Posted Feb 25, 2021

Tobago prides itself on being an unspoilt, untouched and undiscovered holiday destination, with countless unforgettable sites and locales that wow even the most seasoned traveler. When exploring, the natural thing to do is to whip out your camera and capture moments that you will cherish forever but also to show off on Instagram every #TravelTuesday. 

Here's a list of Insta-worthy spots in Tobago that will are sure to rack up those Likes and shares. 


1. Nylon Pool 

One of Tobago's iconic attractions, a visit to Nylon Pool's stunningly crystal clear shallow waters is the only place in the world where you can stand up in the middle of the ocean. Its striking hues of blues and greens make for the perfect are not only awe-inspiring but also the perfect #picoftheday moment.



2. Englishman's Bay

One of Tobago's most popular beaches, Englishman's Bay's charm lies in the fact that it's also secluded, with stretches of picturesque white sandy beach as far as the eye can see.It's an idyllic spot for a day of lounging, spotting colourful birds in the trees above and also capturing moments of the perfect #beachday.



3. Fort Bennett & Black Rock Beach

One of several forts on the island, Fort Bennett is located in Black Rock and looms over Grafton Beach. Bring your drone to capture some amazing aerial shots above the fort or videos on the beach to post to Stories to effortlessly show off another day in #paradise. 



4. Castara Waterfall

The crisp, refreshing waterfall may not be as popular as its big sister Argyle but that's what makes it the perfect hidden spot for those looking to go off-the-beaten-path in their Tobago adventures. After a brief trek, it'll be rather hard to resist pulling out your smartphone for a selfie before taking a dip. 


5. Argyle Falls

Tobago's highest waterfall is one of the island's most popular attractions. The three-tier falls are not only a breathtaking sight to behold but make for a refreshing swim after a day of exploring.


6. I Love Tobago sign 

Were you really in Tobago if you didn't take a snap in front of the "I Love Tobago" sign? Located in Scarborough, striking a pose in front of the sign has become a must-do for visitors as soon as they arrive, and the perfect way to show off their love for the island. 


7. Fort King George

Tobago has a colorful and storied history, changing hands over 30 times! Remnants of its past are still very much present, including the immaculately preserved forts and cannons. Fort King George is the most popular, perched on top of a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. After a history tour looking at the artefacts at the Tobago Museum, visitors typically head to the cannons to capture some Instagrammable moments. 


8. Speyside Waterwheel

Located in Speyside, the historic Speyside Waterwheel sits on a former sugar estate and was used as a power supply throughout the plantation. Today it stands as a regal monument that can be used as your fairytale stage to say "I Do" or snaps of you and one of Tobago's many pieces of history. 


9. Main Ridge Forest Reserve 

There's no shortage of backdrops for the perfect shot at the oldest nature reserve in the western hemisphere. Keep your camera at the ready to capture the multitude of lush greenery, waterfalls and more under the canopy of the vibrant rainforest.


10. Pirate's Bay Steps 

Located in Charlotteville, the steps to Pirate's Bay have become as popular as the beach itself! Straight out of a storybook, the over 100 steps are set against a lush, tropical backdrop, fitting for those wanderlust mini-shoots. 


11. Buccoo Nature & Historical Park

Buccoo Nature & Historical Park

Just like the Speyside Waterwheel, the ruins of sugar mills also serve as a monolithic reminder of Tobago's colonial past. Introduced to the island by the Dutch, the sugar mills were essentially a factory that processed sugar cane to produce raw sugar. Still very well preserved, the enchanting ruins have taken on a striking new element of beauty with massive overgrown roots that cover it. 


Pro Tip: A guide to many of these locations are highly recommended. Check out our list of land and water guides to book your next adventure. 


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