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3 undiscovered spots to explore in Tobago

Posted Nov 01, 2020

Tobago may be small but possesses so many natural gems, many of which are tucked away and are off the beaten path. While many may be familiar with the world-famous Pigeon Point Beach in the west, there a numerous hidden beaches, coves and bays in north and east Tobago. 

If you want to go beyond the typical beaches and get away from the crowds, your best bet is to get a guide and explore some of Tobago's less frequented beaches and waterwalls.  

Here are three undiscovered spots in Tobago that'll make you feel like you're in your own secret world. 


Cotton Bay


Only accessible by boat, Cotton Bay is one of several secluded beaches in Tobago. With its striking emerald green waters and silky sand, this epic spot is sure to give you that lost-island feel. Go snorkeling and marvel at the vivid underwater world where you’ll see schools of squid and tropical reef fishes. 


Twin River Falls


Nestled in the hills of Goldsborough, this captivating fall offers a trilling water massage, swim across the pond and sit on the rock enjoy this treasure or float around in the pool listening to the sounds of nature.


Lover's Bay


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This small sheltered bay in the northeastern end of the island is famous for its pink sand. Charter a boat and feel like you've sailed away to a new world as you make a stop to Pirate's Bay before arriving at Lover's Bay. Spend a few hours at the secluded cove, feel the warm, pink sand between your feet and watch the blue-green waves ebb and flow. 


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