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7 food spots to try in Tobago according to locals

Posted Jan 19, 2021

Who else is best to recommend the top food to try in Tobago than the locals!

Tobago's cuisine boasts of a multitude of influences ranging from African, Indian, Syrian, Spanish, Chinese and more, which makes for a unique culinary experience no matter where you dine or what your preference is. We recently polled Tobagonians, asking them to share their best recommendations on where to eat in Tobago. While there are scores across the island, these seven restaurants in Tobago were consistently endorsed as must-eat. 


1. Z's Grill Shack in Black Rock

"The best grilled food I've had on the island. Perfect for a chill vibe with friends and the food is excellent." Ashley C. 

"Z's Grill Shack definitely has the best grilled food on the island." Kesmia A. 




2. Shore Things Cafe & Craft in Lambeau

"Delicious food, fantastic ambience, gorgeous view and tropical breeze, excellent service. And for a bonus inside the café, you can get delicious handmade bean to bar Tobago Chocolates. Definitely a piece of heaven." David T. 

"Always best quality food and personalized and friendly service. The real flavor of the Caribbean." Katharina D. 



3. The Seahorse Inn Restaurant in Black Rock

"Fantastic ambience, dinner under the stars over the beach, great-tasting food and friendly faces." Ramona B. 

"Incredible setting, great service,  unbelievable food. If you are in Tobago - go there!" Stefan D. 

The Seahorse Inn-Credit Sweet Tobago
Photo: Sweet Tobago


4. La Tartaruga Tobago in Buccoo

"Delicious, authentic Italian food and wine, great ambience, excellent service!" Donna G. 



5. Jemma's Seaview Kitchen in Speyside


jemmas treehouse
Photo: Michael Biro


6. Anchor Bar & Grill in Mount Irvine

"Consistent, tasty, great portions and quick service." Amanda H. 

"Great place to relax with a beer and watch the sunset."Lisa-Marie R. 




7. The Fish Pot in Pleasant Prospect

"Perhaps the best place in Tobago for those who love eating fish. The restaurant has a chic, simple Caribbean decor but the food is oh so Waw!" Sarah M. 




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